Unified Inbox Folder in Evoluton Mail

Create a Unified Inbox Folder in Evolution

Evolution Mail doesn’t have a feature to show all your mail account inbox in one inbox folder (or what is known as a Unified Inbox Folder), thus you need go to your mail account respective inbox folder to be able to read new mail messages , unlike Mac OS Maill app (and Thunderbird) which group all your inbox folder in one folder making it easy to read new mail. But luckily, Evolution has a feature called the Search Folder, by using this Search Folder we can create a Unified Inbox Folder for all your maill Account ....

April 28, 2011 · Sebastian
Glipper residing at the indicator-applet located at the bottom right corner of the screen as a simple `G` icon

Keep Track of your Cliboard History in Ubuntu using Glipper

Install this tiny application in your Ubuntu to keep track of your Clipboard history , this tiny application will reside at your indicator-applet, it’s very easy and simple to use. It also support plugins to boost up the application features itself ! To Install this application in Ubuntu, open the Terminal and type in the following commands: Ubuntu 10.04 or older and 11.04: sudo apt-get glipper Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick [Latest Natty build ppa for Maverick from webupd8]:...

April 22, 2011 · Sebastian
My Ubuntu Desktop with gnome-panel removed and replaced by Avant Window Navigator

Remove gnome-panel in Ubuntu without actually "removing" them

This is a simple tutorial that I write to easily remove the default gnome-panel in your Ubuntu. There are two ways that I know to remove the gnome-panel, I’m going to tell you how this can be done using either of the method. Let’s get started . The First Method This is the easiest method to remove the gnome-panel , but there’s a little disadvantage using this method (see below for more information)....

March 27, 2011 · Sebastian