Evolution Mail doesn’t have a feature to show all your mail account inbox in one inbox folder (or what is known as a Unified Inbox Folder), thus you need go to your mail account respective inbox folder to be able to read new mail messages , unlike Mac OS Maill app (and Thunderbird) which group all your inbox folder in one folder making it easy to read new mail.

But luckily, Evolution has a feature called the Search Folder, by using this Search Folder we can create a Unified Inbox Folder for all your maill Account . It’s quite simple anyway, to do this follow the following steps:

  1. Go to “Edit > Search Folders”, a new window will appear with all search folders that you have, it should be empty by default.
  2. Click the “Add” button. Another window will appear. We’ll configure our new Search Folder here.
Edit Rule Configuration for Unified Inbox Folder

Edit Rule Configuration for Unified Inbox Folder

  1. Fill anything you like in “Rule Name” field, I named mine as “Inbox”.
  2. Select “None” from the Include threads drop down list and “If any conditions are met” from the Find items drop down list.
  3. Then click the “Add condition” button twice (we’re going to add two new condition)
  4. Set the first condition as "Status" - "is not" - "Read"
  5. Set the second condition as "Status" - "is" - "Read"
  6. And finally, select “All active and remote folders” as the Search Folder Sources. Don’t forget to click the “Ok” button to finish .

Now you have a Unified Inbox Folder in your Evolution Mail!