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Keep Track of your Cliboard History in Ubuntu using Glipper

Glipper Residing at the indicator-applet located at the bottom right corner of the screen as a simple ‘G’ Icon

Install this tiny application in your Ubuntu to keep track of your Clipboard history  Wink.png , this tiny application will reside at your indicator-applet, it’s very easy and simple to use. It also support plugins to boost up the application features itself ohnoes.png ! To Install this application in Ubuntu, open the Terminal and type in the following commands:

Ubuntu 10.04 or older and 11.04:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick [Latest Natty build ppa for Maverick from webupd8]:

To run the Application, open the Gnome Run Application Dialog (Alt+F2) and type in ‘glipper’.

Gasp.png Note: By default, this application will copy every texts that you highlight to the clipboard history. To disable this, go to the preferences and uncheck the ‘Selection (mark/middle mouse button)’ option. That way, glipper will only copy texts to the clipboard history if you press the Ctrl+C key and to avoid unnecessary texts to be copied to the clipboard history.

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