Default Linux Mint LXDM Background

Change LXDM Background

Bored with your current LXDM background and want to change it to something else? Don’t worry, it’s very easy to change it! In fact all you need to do is to modify a single line. For this example I’m using Linux Mint 12 LXDE which of course uses LXDM as its default Login Manager. So if you’re using other distro, the configuration file that we are about to edit later on may be slightly different in term of its structure and contents....

May 24, 2012 · Sebastian

Change Date and Time in Linux Mint LXDE 12

So I decided to try and install Linux Mint LXDE 12 to my eeePC 1005ha. The installation took a few minutes and very fast and everything is working great, I don’t have to install codecs manually either as it is included by default in Linux Mint LXDE 12. But then when I wanted to change the date and time, I cannot find any option from either the “Preferences” or “System Tools” menu at all to change the date and time....

April 3, 2012 · Sebastian