Using SqlParameter with SQL’s IN Clause in C#

Using SqlParameter in SqlCommand is a great way to pass variable into SQL statement and prevent SQL Injection, it is rather simple to implement as well, basically all you need to do is to declare the parameter name in your SQL statement or stored procedure and make sure that you add the parameter with the specified parameter name into the SQL command parameters. Here’s an example of basic implementation of SqlParameter:...

August 8, 2014 · Sebastian

Kuuro #3

DeviantArt: Kuuro #3 - Random Doodle

August 7, 2014 · Sebastian

Initialize New Anonymous Type on VB.NET

This code snippet will shows you an example on how to initialize a new anonymous type and define the properties while at it as a function parameter in Visual Basic .NET. The example used is based on Flurl library by tmenier, and URL builder for .NET check it out at the Project’s GitHub Page, it’s pretty neat. Dim url = "".AppendPathSegment("endpoint").SetQueryParams(New With { Key .api_key = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings("SomeApiKey"), Key .max_results = 20, Key ....

July 31, 2014 · Sebastian

Download Chrome Extensions to Your Computer Easily with This Online Chrome Extension Downloader

Ever wanted to download Google Chrome extension to your computer? There are a few tricks which you can uses to download the extension manually from Chrome Web Store such as the one pointed in this guide, however the method itself won’t work if you execute the URL pointed using Chrome itself and will only works in other web browser. I tried running the given URL in Chrome using Ad Block Extension ID and the following error is displayed instead of downloading the extension (....

July 7, 2013 · Sebastian

Disable Windows Key with this Small Utility - DisableWinKey

I was always annoyed when I accidentally pressed the Windows Key when I was playing games, hence I decided to create this small utility using AutoHotkey that will disable the Windows Key. Usage is very simple, just run the program and your Windows key will be disabled. To enable Windows key again just exit the script from the system tray or just suspend the script. The utility filesize is around ~320kb....

August 15, 2012 · Sebastian