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Download Chrome Extensions To Your Computer Easily With This Online Chrome Extension Downloader

Download Chrome Extensions to Your Computer Easily with This Online Chrome Extension Downloader

Ever wanted to download Google Chrome extension to your computer? There are a few tricks which you can uses to download the extension manually from Chrome Web Store such as the one pointed in this guide, however the method itself won’t work if you execute the URL pointed using Chrome itself and will only works in other web browser.

I tried running the given URL in Chrome using Ad Block Extension ID and the following error is displayed instead of downloading the extension (.crx):

Manual Chrome Extension Download Error on Google Chrome

Error displayed when trying to manually download chrome extension using the trick given in the site earlier using Google Chrome

So, if you are looking for a straightforward method instead to download Chrome Extension to your computer that works even in Chrome itself, you can use this online Chrome Extension Downloader:

The process to download the extension itself is very easy, you just need to copy and paste the link to the Chrome Extension’s Webstore URL into the given input box and hit the Download extension button and that’s it! (In google chrome it will prompt you if you want to keep or discard the extension file).

Chrome Extension Downloader on Action

I’ve personally give the online service a try and it works really well across different web browsers, even with Chrome itself (It doesn’t show the same error pointed earlier). The site also has clear explanation on how to install the downloaded extension into your Chrome.

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