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Disable Windows Key With This Small Utility – DisableWinKey

Disable Windows Key with this Small Utility – DisableWinKey

I was always annoyed when I accidentally pressed the Windows Key when I was playing games, hence I decided to create this small utility using AutoHotkey that will disable the Windows Key. Usage is very simple, just run the program and your Windows key will be disabled. To enable Windows key again just exit the script from the system tray or just suspend the script. The utility filesize is around ~320kb.

You can download the utility from the link below:

Download: DisableWinKey

  • how to install

    • No need to install, just extract and run the executable. somewhat portable . . .

  • Y8

    i like it, but can you tell me how to use it?

  • i always use toupad indicator for my linux. i use linux mint. thanks for post

  • i can’t dowload from this link. can you tell me other way to download it?

  • No need to install. Thanks! download now!

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