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Save Pinned Tab on Exit – Opera Browser

Save Pinned Tab on Exit - Opera

By default if you pin tabs in Opera, those tabs will only be pinned for that session, meaning that if you exit or close your Opera Browser, the tabs that you’ve pinned will not be saved. Thus the next time you run your Opera Browser you’ll need to re-pin those tabs again which is really inconvenience Riceball.

I’ve tried to look for the options to save pinned tabs on exit in Opera Preferences but I can’t seem to find one Riceball. But fortunately, after tweaking around, I found an alternative way that you can use to keep the pinned tabs in place so that the next time you run your Opera Browser, you’ll not have to re-pin the tabs that you’ve previously pinned Riceball.

First open all the websites that you want to pin. For example, I’m going to pin Google Calender, Google Reader, Google News, Facebook, and Xmarks as these websites are the most frequently websites that I visited so I’ll just pin these tab for easier access, save tabs space and to prevent me from accidentally closing these tabs. To pin tab, just right click on the tab and select “Pin Tab”.

Pin Tab - Opera

You may arrange the tabs position to your liking. Optionally, You may also add a new speed dial tab, thus every time you open the browser, your active tab will be the speed dial tab, or, if you prefer a blank page, open a new tab and type in “opera:blank” into the address bar.

Personally, I prefer the speed dial better, rather than a plain blank page Riceball. Anyway, this is what my tabs arrangement looks like (yours may differ Riceball ):

Pin Tab - Arranged + Speed Dial - Opera

After you’ve finish pinning and arranging the tab, select the tab that you prefer as your default tab as the active tab. This tab will be the default active tab whenever you start your Opera browser. In this case, I wanted the speed dial tab to be the default tab, hence I select it as my active tab (see the picture above, I select the speed dial tab as my active tab).

Now go to the “Opera Menu -> Sessions -> Save Sessions”. A new small window will appear, name the session to whatever you like and make sure you tick the “Show these tabs and windows every time I start Opera” option, leave the “Only save active window” un-ticked. Click the OK button to save the sessions.

Close your Opera Browser and try to re-open it. You pinned tab should be there, and if you previously decided to add a blank page tab or speed dial tab, it will also be opened Riceball.

  • hey how to place the first tab! like weather? please help me! thanks!

  • zlop

    A previous version opened both search, and paste into web address, in new tabs
    (need select, right click >> open search result in a new background tab)
    Automatic new background tab is very convenient for multiple simultaneous searches
    For unknown reasons, Control Q in Linux Mint (pen-drive) not saving tabs.
    Have not figured out how to turn off mouse gestures, causing wild results.

    Better than the rest, however;
    Click Minimization, maximizing convenience,  needs to be improved.

  • hoang

    I am on Opera 33 and there is no option ‘Session’, also I cannot find any ways to keep my pinned tabs.. Quite disappointed about Opera here.

    • This post is quite out of date already 😛

      It is only applicable to Opera Browser with Presto Engine (I forgot the versions that are still using this engine). In any case, I think for the latest Opera browser with Webkit engine you can look up for the startup option and change it to “Continue where I left off”, however it will restore both pinned and unpinned tab 🙁

      I don’t think there is a way for you to restore pinned tab only as of now.

      • hoang

        Wow, never thought that I could get the answer that fast haha
        Yeah I found the way on opera forums but that was not I am looking for..
        That’s sad.

        Thanks anyway
        Cheers 😀

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