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Facebook Chat in Adium

Facebook Chat - Adium

If this is the first time you connect to facebook chat through XMPP, please read the note at the end of the Post

Adium is one of the best Instant Messaging Client out there for Mac, it can be easily customized or themed, and it supports multiple Accounts and Instant Messaging Protocol. But for some reason, Facebook Chat doesn’t seem to work in Adium (with latest stable release 1.4.1), I can add my Facebook Account but it kept asking for authorization thus I can’t connect to Facebook chat.

But thankfully, Facebook Chat is based on Jabber, therefore we can connect through Facebook Chat using Jabber Protocol from Adium:

  1. Run Adium (obviously Sticking Out Tongue.png)
  2. Go to Adium > Preferences… and select the “Accounts” tab and click the + (plus) button located at the bottom left of the window to add a new account. Select Jabber from the Protocol list.
  3. Fill your Facebook USERNAME in “Jabber ID” and add at the end of your USERNAME (See Picture Below). Please take note that your email is not your Facebook Username, take a look at the link to your Profile page if you do not know, ex, and if you haven’t create a username for your Facebook Account, you can create it by going to Facebook Setting.
  4. Fill your Facebook PASSWORD in “Password”.
    Account Tab
  5. Next, go to “Options” Tab, and fill in in “Connect Server”. Set the port to 5222.
    Options Tab
  6. Click the “Ok” button to add your account.

Now you can connect to Facebook Chat in Adium ohnoes.png.

Gasp.png Warning: You’re also connected to Facebook Chat when you access Facebook from your Web Browser, so every time someone message you on Facebook Chat, you’ll receive the message from both the Web Browser and Adium. To avoid receiving the message in Web Browser, I’ve created a simple greasemonkey script to disable/hide the facebook chat bar, thus everytime someone message you on Facebook, you’ll only receive the message in Adium Smile.png. But the DOWNSIDE Thumbs Down.png of using this script is that if you open Facebook in Web Browser without opening the Facebook Chat from Adium, you’ll still be connected to Facebook Chat but you’ll not be able to receive or send message since the Facebook Chat Bar in your Web Browser is Disabled. Anyway, use at your own risk Naughty.png.

Halo.png Download the Greasemonkey Script from here.

Gasp.png Important Note :

For this trick to work, you need to set your Username for your Facebook Account. If you haven’t done so, visit the link below to set up your Facebook Username:

Also, if this is the first time you connect to Facebook Chat through XMPP Protocol, you’ll get the 503 Not Authorized error (Pidgin) or the client will kept on asking for your password. To solve this problem, you need to visit the following page:

From there, select on any IM client listed there (you can select pidgin, adium, or iChat), it will ask you to log out from your Facebook account (provided that this is the first time that you tried to connect to Facebook chat from XMPP, else it won’t ask you to log out).

Log out and relog to your Facebook Account. Now, make sure you’re disconnected from the Web Facebook Chat (you can log out from the Web Facebook Chat by clicking the Facebook Chat Bar located at the bottom right of the facebook site, then go to “Options” and select “Go Offline”).

Now try to connect to Facebook Chat from Adium, it should work Wink.png !

  • I followed you’re extact instructions, but when I try to connect with the new jabber-account I still get the same problem (promting for password without connecting)

    • Did you use your Facebook username for the jabber ID? (It’s not the email address that you use when registering to Facebook) And don’t forget to include the

      It should be :

      • Yes, that is the username I used.

        Could the password-prompting be somewhat related to my facebook security settings?

        • Hmm.. strange, it works for me ._.

          I don’t think the facebook account security settings has anything to do with it. Try to log out from the facebook site and log in to Facebook Chat from Adium.

          • Strange indeed.

            Tried logging out of fb in browser and then logging in with your jabber method. Got prompted for password a couple of times at first, and then adium just tries to connect forever (until i cancel it).

            Any idea of other stuff that can help solve my problem?

          • I don’t really have any solution for the problem ._.

            But did you use any proxies? Because I think it won’t work if you use proxy as stated here : (the connection must be directly from the user’s computer to Facebook)

            P.S: I also tried to log in to Facebook Chat from Pidgin (using XMPP Protocol) and it works.

          • Didnt use any proxies at all.
            Im clueless… 🙁

          • Okay,last night I tried to connect with my brother Facebook Chat account using Adium and I encountered the same problem. But apparently I found the solution 😀

            So here’s how you do it:

            First you need to visit this Facebook Chat page :

            From there, click on any client listed there: Pidgin, Adium or iChat, anything will do. When you click on the link, it will ask you to log out from Facebook. Log out and relog to your Facebook Account.

            Now, make sure you’re NOT connected to Facebook Chat (disconnect from the Web Facebook Chat ) and then connect to the Facebook Chat from Adium. You should now be able to connect to the Facebook Chat 😀

          • I clicked the URL, and then clicked on Adium. All that pops up is a setup-guide for how to use FB-chat with Adium. Nothing about that I have to log out of facebook. Just the setup-guide and an Okay-button.

            After reading and following the guide I did however log out, log in and then closed my Facebook browser-tab.

            When I tried connecting with Adium this time, it worked!

            I have no idea why though, it seems like the exact same procedure I did last time… :p

          • No Problem , I’m glad it works for you 😀

          • Thanks for you help! 😀

  • Penny

    This works perfectly on my latest version of Adium! Kudos!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for the great writeup… it just fixed my problem where the Adium facebook account was repeatedly asking for username and password…
    It seems like if you wanna use the facebook chat via adium or other chat messengers, then you need to create a username on your facebook profile and use that to login to the chat client rather than using the default facebook login ID and password…

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