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Create a Unified Inbox Folder in Evolution

Unified Inbox Folder in Evoluton Mail

Evolution Mail doesn’t have a feature to show all your mail account inbox in one inbox folder (or what is known as a Unified Inbox Folder), thus you need go to your mail account respective inbox folder to be able to read new mail messages Riceball, unlike Mac OS Maill app (and Thunderbird) which group all your inbox folder in one folder making it easy to read new mail.

But luckily, Evolution has a feature called the Search Folder, by using this Search Folder we can create a Unified Inbox Folder for all your maill Account Riceball. It’s quite simple anyway, to do this follow the following steps:

  1. Go to “Edit > Search Folders”, a new window will appear with all search folders that you have, it should be empty by default.
  2. Click the “Add” button. Another window will appear. We’ll configure our new Search Folder here.
  3. Edit Rule Configuration for Unified Inbox Folder

  4. Fill anything you like in “Rule Name” field, I named mine as “Inbox”.
  5. Select “None” from the Include threads drop down list and “If any conditions are met” from the Find items drop down list.
  6. Then click the “Add condition” button twice (we’re going to add two new condition)
  7. Set the first condition as “Status” – “is not” – “Read”
  8. Set the second condition as “Status” – “is” – “Read”
  9. And finally, select “All active and remote folders” as the Search Folder Sources. Don’t forget to click the “Ok” button to finish Riceball .

Now you have a Unified Inbox Folder in your Evolution Mail! Riceball

  • Frank Zimmerman

    It almost worked for me. I found that the option to select “All active and remote folders” did not work…I had to choose “specific folders” and add in my Inbox folders from each account. Then it worked. I’m using Evolution 2.32.2 under Ubuntu 11.04-64bit…

    • Hmm.. weird, I’m using Evolution 2.32.2 in Ubuntu 11.04 and selecting “All active and remote folders” works fine for me (I’ve only tried it with GMail, but I don’t think it should be a problem since it should work with any Mail Provider).

      Well, using “Specific Folders” will also work, and if you have multiple mail accounts you can define from which accounts’ inbox folder would you like to set as the source for your so-called “Unified” Inbox Folder 😀

  • Nobody

    I have two gmail accounts and it only wants to pull data from one of them. I also have a Yahoo account and it pulls from that.

    So I have the one gmail (of the two) and the Yahoo one appearing but not the other gmail account.

    It’s very annoying 🙁

    I’ve tried both ways “All active and remote folders” as well as “specific folders”

    I guess it doesn’t like the fact that I have two gmail accounts?

    BTW this is under openSUSE 12.1 (which is brand new) and whatever version of Evolution comes with. I just checked and it’s Evolution 3.2.1

  • pedro

    Thank you, worked 🙂

  • Wolfgang

    I tried this with opensuse 13.1. Works fine, thanks.
    However, marking mails as read using CTRL+K doesnt seem to work. At first glance the mails switch to status “read”, but when I re-open evolution later they are all unread. Is it possible that when using IMAP the server only marks the mails as read when it is done in the original separate inboxes, and not when you do it in the search folder?

  • Steve Booth

    Thanks for this. I’ve used Opera for years but it’s not been updated so is not working too well now. As I have a number of email accounts it’s good to see them all in one view, which is why I stuck to Opera for so long.

  • Did not work for me as there was no ‘Not Read’ or anything similar under ‘Status’. v3.26.3 in Fedora 27.

  • Linux Mint 18, does not work, “search folder sources” is missing entirely.

    • Jinn Ko

      Same issue here. I believe the difference is between a “saved search” and a “search folder”. To access the “search folders” dialogue:

      – from the [Edit] menu
      – select [Search folders]
      – click on [Add]

      Using Evolution 3.28.1-2 on Ubuntu 18.04.

      • This is too late, already gave in to Thunderbird, learned how to trick the system into recognizing the backed up profile folder as default folder.

  • Thanks for this quick tip!

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