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Get rid of Facebook Chat bar from Facebook

I’ve been using Trillian as my default Instant Messaging to log in to multiple services such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN, and Facebook Chat. But what I noticed is that every time I receive messages from contacts on Facebook Chat, the message will appear both at Trillian and Facebook Web page Angry.png . It may not be a big problem, but it’s kinda annoying for me (well, at least that’s what I think Sticking Out Tongue.png ).

Now, to solve this problem I have created a simple greasemonkey script that will hide the chat bar from Facebook. I have tested the script using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and Opera 11 Beta (the script should work with older version as well) and it worked well Wink.png .

Grab the script from Pirate.png .

Gasp.png Note: read the known issues section from the scripts page to solve problem that you may encounter in Opera Browser when you enable Facebook HTTPS

  • great script..!!! my search finally over.. thanx.. 🙂

    • Thanks.. I’m glad it can be useful 😀

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